Saturday, May 12, 2012

Off to Prom

Check out the shoes. If the top half isn't going to be comfy, at least the bottom half will be.
McKenna is off to Prom. It is also her first official date. Her date, Jeret Angell, is a nice young man. She spent the day at a rodeo in Driggs watching him and a couple other friends where she tried to enjoy the sights and smells of horses, cows and dust.  She had to quickly come home, hose off, and go to her hair appointment. She felt a little rushed and unsure of herself. But, she looked absolutely gorgeous. Her converse shoes were so cute. Just made the whole dress become her. His cowboy hat and cowboy boots are so him.

Jeret asked her by using 400 cups to spell a message in the fence. When she walked out of school, to softball practice, there it was. She answered him by having the announcer at the rodeo play a few lines from "Red Solo Cup" (the most ridiculously, stupid, yet catchy song ever) and then say, as Jeret was about to bust out of the shoot to rope a cow, "Hey, Jeret! You're not going "solo" to the dance. McKenna says YES!" Inspired him so much he caught both those heals.

And now my little girl is out the door and on her way. I hope she has a marvelous time. She deserves that for her first dance.
This is McKenna thinking, "Mom, seriously, pictures?" What was she thinking? Of course!

Aren't they adorable? And isn't she gorgeous? I just love that girl.

Life is Good -  and moments like this make me so happy.