Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holding the Ones I Love

I haven't blogged for so long. We have been busy but my thoughts and our activities seem so boring. I figure I don't have anything to say. However, my good friend, Shannon, challenged me to make a post this weekend and so I am, boring or not.

Yesterday, I took the day off to do some much needed Christmas shopping. I started hearing about some kind of shooting that had happened in Connecticut. Unfortunately, I think that I am becoming somewhat numb to these kind of news stories. They are disheartening and so sad. But, they seem to happen so often. I didn't think much of it. I figured I'd get the update when I got home. Then I received a text giving me the tragic details. Twenty innocent children and the teachers and staff that loved them had been gunned down and killed by a young man. My heart was sick. How could this happen? Why could this happen? I always tell my students that their school, particularly our classroom, is a safe place (for some, their only safe haven) and I will do anything I can to help maintain that safety. I am sure these teachers told their students the same thing. But, it wasn't safe. Not even with the precautions the school had taken could keep them safe. I wonder how I approach that topic when I go back on Monday. Someone will ask. They always do.

Three of the people that I love dearly
I was anxious to get home to check on my girls, even though I knew that they were safe. I just wanted to hold them and tell them that I loved them. We say that all the time. No one leaves the house without being told, "I love you" by someone, if not all of us. But, I wanted to tell them just the same. They just looked at me as if I were a crazy old lady and giggled (or groaned). I am so grateful for this little family we have been blessed with. My heart aches for those poor families that are missing their loved ones to hold. When I lost one student, it was almost unbearable for awhile. I don't know how they will heal.

So, what do I learn from this? One, cherish the moments I have with my family (like staring out the window for 90 minutes with McKenna and treasure hunting at 11:00 at night in the snow, post about those later). Two, let them know that they are loved beyond measure by their parents so they never have to wonder, and I never worry that they don't know. Three, pray, like never before, that this will never happen again. But, evil people make evil choices and their consequences are felt by many. I am not sure God could promise me that.

Life is Good - just a bit sadder today.