Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 24 and 25

Day 25 - It has been such a wonderful experience to write each day, nearly,  of the things I am grateful for. I think of the many blessings I have and then write about one. But there are so many things to be grateful for that I sometimes have a hard time picking just one. Today I wanted to express my gratitude for my nieces and nephews. I spent the weekend with my nephew's wife and their sweet baby. They are so much fun. Today, at school, two of my nephews came into my classroom to stay with me after school was over. One gives me hug every time I see him. My niece knocks on my window each dayas. She passes by. I love seeing them, as I do all of them. I enjoy watching them grow up because they are good kids that come from good families. 

Day 24 - I am grateful for texting so I can stay in contact with long distance friends. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day #23

This will be short. Today I am thankful that there is always another day to wake up to just around the corner. Not every day is going to be rosy and this one wasn't. Tomorrow is new and has all the prospects of being a great day. That's why I am thankful today for tomorrow!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Gratitude Month - I am Way Behind

Grateful that today is the beginning of the GGG, the Grant Girl Getaway, and we are in the fifteenth year. It is a weekend that has taken on many forms but has always been the Grant girls crafting, or shopping, or eating, or watching movies, or laughing. We love it. We look forward to it each year. So grateful that it is a continuing tradition.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Day #18 of Gratitude Month

Today, I am grateful for my coworkers, especially my 2nd Grade comrades - Toni Miller, Betty Schaat, and Stephanie Forbush. They are three of my best friends. I learn from them each day . When I get frustrated, which can happen almost daily, they listen and share ideas and solutions. We laugh together and we have cried together. And sometimes, they even let me drag them to movies that I want to see and think they should see with me. I once dragged one of them on a "ride" to Boise and back in one day. I best she loved that.

Three days a week we formally collaborate and discuss data then make decisions about our students. I am sure glad I don't have to make all those decisions alone. We are a good team! I am glad I am part of it.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grateful Days #16 and #17

I am grateful for my in-laws, Charles and Gay Grant. They have been such wonderful influences in my life. They have always accepted me as part of the family and I have always been grateful for that. (Well, outside that dinner at Frontier Pies-bwahahaha) They allowed us to live in their house when we needed a home and when we needed some additional help with the twinners. They have sacrificed so much for us and we could never repay them.

Mom Grant has been one of my best friends for years and years. Dad Grant has been a faithful rock when I have been weak. I love these two!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Grateful Day #15

Today I am grateful for our schools and the dedicated teachers that give their time to influence, educated and help my kids. I went to parent-teacher conferences, where I was personally escorted to my first teacher visit by the school principal, all due to my out-spoken disdain for teachers that don't stay for all the hours set for conferences. I must repent, all the teachers I needed to talk to were there, in their classrooms, during that last hour. I was impressed!

We, Trent and I, have attended 93 parent teacher conferences in our parenting career. I feel like a pro. I like going to them because we have good teachers to visit with. That's because we have a good school. But I mentioned that already. And have I mentioned that I really am grateful to live in this community where this awesome school is? Yes I did. Too bad. I've mentioned it again.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Grateful Days #13 and #14

Today I am grateful for our PTO. We have an all new group this year and they are so vivacious and creative and willing to help. The last two days have been Parent Teacher Conferences. I love those days but I am very tired at the end. Also, I get very hungry during them. Yesterday, the PTO provided sandwiches and chips. I love chips! They are my greatest food weakness. This is unfortunate for my non-existent waistline. I ate a lot of them. There were leftovers today and so I ate it for lunch also. 

Tonight they brought baked potatoes with chili and all the toppings. It was delicious. I am an Idaho girl and love me some baked taters. Plus, I was hungry and tired and it hit the spot.

The PTO is also saving my bacon at a Family Reading Night. I was asked to be in charge of the annual event and had very little in the way of creative ideas. The PTO had lots and has pretty much taken over. They are doing most of it and I just have to help a little. That's just how I like it! Yay for the PTO!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grateful Day #12

I skipped day 11 because I ran out of time yestday. I am very grateful for modern conveniences like washing machines, dryers, and microwaves. That is why I was busy. I was using these modern wonders all night.

Today I am thankful for modern technology that allows us to communicate with loved ones all over the world almost instantly. And, in the case of emergencies and disasters, it may not be instant but it is certainly faster than using the postal service. What a blessing to know that our family members and our friends are safe. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Grateful Day #10

Today I went to church and to Primary, where I always spend my Sunday mornings. It was there that I realized how much I love Primary music. The music is simple and full of Gospel truths. I also love to hear Primary children sing the songs. It is so much fun to hear them express their testimonies through song. 

I am grateful to be able to teach the songs to these awesome kids. We have a lot of fun each week. My calling is such a joy!

Gratitude Month - Day #9

I am exhausted just thinking of all I did today. Normally my Saturday's are pretty chill but I decided to accomplish everything in one day - didn't get it all done. But I looked back and I am grateful for the time I have to spend with my family.

I felt compelled, in the wee hours of the morning, to go to the temple. I immediately texted my sisters, those who have texting, and invited them. We all scrambled to make it to the 8:15 session only to find out it was full. The wait time for other things was also long and so we made a trip to the temple but weren't very productive there. I guess it is the thought that counts.

Got home, earlier than expected,did some cleaning, cooking, and organizing. Went to the school to work on grades while the girls got ready to go shopping. We then shopped for Christmas package items for Collin, fabric to make skirts and other essentials. We had a glorious time together. We laughed, complained (oh my gosh, the slowest fabric cutters in the world work at JoAnne's), ate, and built great memories. 

After all that shopping, the girls and I went to my mom's where we used Pinterest ideas to sew skirts. Don't you love Pinterest? We got three skirts completed and a fourth almost done. We had so much fun. And came home exhausted so we all went to bed. 

I am grateful for the time that I have to be with the girls. Before I know it, they will be gone and doing their own thing. Sad to think about. So I won't! I will just be thankful that I have that time right now.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Day #8 - Gratitude Month

I could have made this post before but I was looking for pictures to go with it and couldn't find any. So, unless I can think of a solution to this problem while entering this post, it will be picture-less. Today I am grateful for my mom and dad. Almost everything I have in my life has come because I was raised by "goodly parents" as Nephi would say. I grew up in a home where our family was important. My parents, Ted and Carol, were devoted to teaching us the Gospel. They taught us through their examples. They gave us the opportunity to make our own choices and deal with the consequences, both good and bad. They encouraged us to become educated and go to college. They taught us to work and to be strong. All these things I appreciate so much, especially since I have grown. I love them dearly and will be eternally grateful for the valuable lessons I learned from them.

Problem solved! Facebook is so helpful.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day #7 - Gratitude Month

Today I am thankful for my sisters. I am the oldest, with three younger following behind me. They are all great people with beautiful families and adorable children. We like to get together to have dinners at my parent's house. When we do it is extremely loud and chaotic. I realize that will change over time and we will probably miss it. My own kids love those aunts. I can count on them for a lot of things. Like, when I decided to run a 5k this summer they agreed to do it with me. That was a highlight of my summer. When Katy got a tear in her pants at school and needed new ones, I called Cristy who was willing to drive me home (since I walked and it was snowing wet snow), return me to school and then take the pants to Katy at the high school. And, she makes bread for me. Also, Wendy is a nurse and is always willing to answer my dumb nursing questions. She doesn't complain out loud about that either. Vicki has connections and so when I need donations I call her. She also willing to share all the things my kids think they need to borrow.

Love those girls, well ladies. They are all nearing or passing 40!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day # 6 - Gratitude Month

Today I was thinking how much fun it is to walk home from work and see our dog waiting anxiously for me in the window. He is always there, everyday, wagging his tail and eagerly awaiting my arrival. As soon as I walk in the door he greets me and expects a quick pet. I can count on him to be happy about my return and he counts on me scratch him behind the ears. We are there for each other. 

I didn't have any pets growing up. I always wanted a dog. I'm sure my childhood, which was great, would have been even better with a dog. When we moved to St. Anthony, we somehow, almost without knowing, began acquiring pets. We have had salamanders, fish, frogs, a guinea pig, a hedgehog, cats, and dogs. I have not enjoyed all of them but the kids have. However, our two cats, Snowball and Moose, were fun to have around and loved by us all. But my favorites, without a doubt, have been our dogs. Our first dog, Cruiser, was the best dog EVER. He was our favorite family member. We are still heartbroken about having to put him down. After four years, we still cry. Now we have Buddy, who has taken more work to be loved. He is a rescue dog and has survived a pretty tough life. But, he is totally loyal, patient, and long suffering. We love him, too. 

So, today I am grateful for pets! 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day #5 - Gratitude Month

Thirteen years ago I begrudgingly pulled our last load of household items across the Madison/Fremont county border. We were buying our first home, in Fremont County, because Trent's job required that we live here. I felt as if I had just about died. It was generally understood in my home town that no one lived in St. Anthony because they wanted to. I figured they only lived there because they couldn't get out. 

Within about 3 months I had decided that it wasn't all that bad. Within a year I was here to stay. Thirteen years have gone by and I am so grateful for this funny little town I live in. There are many wonderful people here and we have made many good friends. Our children love it here and have great friends that are positive influences on them. They have been able to participate in school athletics, school leadership, and countless other extracurricular events. Pretty much, if you want to do it, you can. 

I love that we are near the mountains and not too far from shopping. I love the trees and the river. I love the sight of there sun rising over the Tetons each morning and the sight of a giant harvest moon creeping up behind those magnificent mountains each fall. I can't even describe the beautiful sunsets we enjoy at night, so many colors. 

St. Anthony is my home and I am so blessed to live here!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day # 4 - Gratitude Month

Today is Monday. Many people don't like Mondays because it is the beginning of their work week. I don't feel that way. I usually love Mondays because I get to go to work. I am grateful to be a teacher that gets to work with other amazing teachers and with incredible students that I have grown to love. I love the thrill of watching a student "get it" when they have worked hard to understand. I enjoy their crazy stories - and they have a lot of stories. I love the challenge of helping a student overcome a hurdle. I, mostly, enjoy their parents and the relationships we build. I love having past students come back, every morning, to tell me about their lives and how much they miss me! I miss them, too, but marvel in the growth they make year to year. 

I am so grateful that I was guided, and I was, into the career of teaching. It makes me happy. 

Who wouldn't love these faces?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day #3 - Gratitude Month

Today I am grateful for my four kids, Collin, McKenna, Adrienne, and Kathrynn. I have been blessed with the best kids ever. I know that is what every mom says but mine are better! They came that way. They want to be good and obedient. They are fun and make others happy. They are all different and have incredible personalities. I admire each one. I think that I am the luckiest mom in the world. 

They aren't perfect but handle their struggles with maturity and strength. They are growing up to be happy and productive. What more can I ask for? I love them dearly and am grateful for their willingness to overlook my shortcomings as their mom. 

I sure love them!

Day #2 - Gratitude Month

This should be dated November 2 but it is not because you can't change the date on this blog. But, this is my second entry for Gratitude Month. I am grateful for Trent, my best buddy and closest friend, for 25 years. Never in my craziest thoughts, did I ever imagine that when I asked him out, to a girl's choice dance way back in 1986, that he would one day be my spouse and eternal companion. I must have been guided by the Spirit that day. 

Trent is the best husband around. He cleans, cooks, folds, helps, cheers, loves, and lifts. He is the funny one in our family. He is the one that keeps us all calm. He has encouraged me to do whatever it is I want to do. He brings me so much joy and helps me to be happy. He is smart and the one the kids go to for homework - because science, math, and I don't get along that well. He has sacrificed so much, more than most know, to provide our family with stability and the lifestyle that we enjoy. He is my hero and I am grateful everyday for him. I look forward to eternity with him.

A Month of Gratitude

My friend Shannon, who is probably my only blog reader, started posting a blog for each day of November with something she is grateful for. I thought it was a great idea. So I am stealing it. I wish I could post-date this entry. It would be for November 1. On the first day of November, I am grateful for my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love the gospel and the knowledge I have of my Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation, the importance of families, the Temple, and my testimony of it all. I truly am who I am because of this knowledge. I try to be better because of this knowledge. I am so grateful!!!