Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Warm River in the Fall

I've never kayaked in the true Fall
because it is always too cold. But, when the temperature is above 80 degrees September 30 you must pull out the boat and go. The colors are in their prime - one more week may be too late. One week earlier may have been too early. Anyway, it was fun fun fun. We didn't see any wildlife, probably because it was 80+ degrees but we did see many fisherman. Apparently today was a great trout hunting day. They were all catching fish.

I applied a coat of Pledge to the kayak and have stored it away for the winter. I may take it out again if I get up the courage to go down a little float with friends on Christmas day. It is a sad day for me. I LOVE to kayak. But I get a little more adventurous each year and next

year will bring something new. I can't wait.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Potato Weather

Today while I was lumbering around the track there was a slight breeze coming from the north. Along with that breeze came a wonderful smell - potato harvest. My favorite thing about potato harvest is the smell. It smells like cool dirt coupled with fresh cut fries. I think you can only smell it here. It brings back bazillions of memories from working in the potatoes with my family. Sometimes I wish I could work during the harvest again but I'm sure it wouldn't be as great as I remember it being. I'll just keep remembering.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Murphy's Law

One month ago our vacuum broke. Lucky for us we didn't throw away the old one. We just put it in the garage in case of an emergency. I immediately called the repair center and ordered a new part. It would arrive in two weeks from that day. Just my luck, I received an e-mail that stated the part was back ordered for a month.

So, we dug out the old vacuum and have been using it since. Last week I got an e-mail that said the part was back ordered indefinitely and may not be available until January. So, I called the store I bought it from. Long story made short, after many phone calls, I needed to bring the vacuum in so they could send it away in order to be told that I can get a new vacuum to replace the old vacuum. But, earlier this week I got a new e-mail saying the part would be shipped on the 25th. Great, only one week until we can sit on the furniture with dark pants. But, then on Wednesday I receive another e-mail that said the part was still back ordered with not delivery date given. So, I decided it was time to take it to the repair center. Done. My husband took it there today. The vacuum will be returned or we will be notified of the new vacuum by October 16. Great - only two more weeks with the vacuum that had been moth balled.

I just opened my e-mail. The part, back-ordered for an eternity, was shipped today and will arrive within a week. Now I'll have the part and no vacuum.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Northern Exposure

I remember watching the show on TV called Northern Exposure. The only thing I really remember was a moose walking down the street during the opening credits. I thought about that tonight as I was running on the track at the high school and a moose came to observe us. It was dusk and so it was hard to see him. I looked toward the stands and thought I was seeing a saddled up horse walking in the bleachers. Upon a bit closer look, not too close however, I noticed that "horse" was wearing a giant moose antler disguise. I knew that most stores weren't selling those yet and so I knew it was a real moose. Quietly and quickly my girls and I slipped from the track and out the gate. I had to finish my running in my neighborhood where there seem to be no street lights and every sidewalk has a surprise section that is higher than the next waiting to trip you.

I love moose. I think they are so interesting to look at. I'd take a closer look if they weren't so grumpy. I have often wondered if moose are the compilation of all the left over animal parts. Perhaps God looked over all the boxes of leftover parts and thought, "I bet I can make a truly interesting animal with all these parts." The moose, knowing that it is just "parts", feels inferior and that is why he's so ornery. I wonder if the platypus feels the same way.

By the way, a topic for another day: Why is it so hard to get into a good habit and so easy to get into a bad habit? Specifically exercise and eating. That is what I was thinking about before the moose interrupted my thoughts.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football Weather

You know its football season just by the way it feels outside. Yesterday Collin's team (JV) played West Jefferson at home. When we walked to the game at 4:30 a very light jacket was appropriate. By the 4th quarter we were freezing and wished we had our winter parkas. People going to the varsity game were probably preparing for snow. Football weather has its own personality. I remember games at Ricks College that were so hot they sold popsicles. But once the sun went down behind the stadium everyone was pulling out their gloves, hats, scarves and hot chocolate.

Collin started this football game and played nearly all the game. He was also one of the captains. He was excited. He looks pretty small out there on the line - all 115 pounds of him. He keeps growing taller but can't get any weight on. I wish that were my problem! Anyway, he loves football.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Under Construction

The school I teach at is currently under construction. We have greatly needed a bigger school or less students. But since our population continues to climb slowly the first option seemed the best. So, toward the end of winter, during the last school year, the noise began. Don't get me wrong. I am so grateful for what we will have that I hardly notice it. But, today, a very bright student, having thought things over, said, "Mrs. Grant, do you mean to tell me that we will have to deal with all this noise for the rest of our lives here at this school (we are a K-3 school) and we won't ever be able to enjoy the smell of the new school?" I looked him squarely in the eye and said, "Yip! Isn't it the pits?"

I've been thinking about that today. I think that happens so often in our lives. We work so hard to do all we are supposed to, avoiding and dealing with the noise and distractions all around us, and what do we get for it, usually nothing but the satisfaction of knowing we survived. Yip, isn't that the pits!

2nd graders are so smart.