Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Did my Little Girls Go?

Tonight was the Winter Dance at the Junior High. The twins were so excited to go. They got new dresses, new jewelry, and new high heeled shoes. High heels? I still don't wear those things for fear I will fall over. The funny thing about the shoes is that Adri and Katy are nearly the tallest girls in 7th grade and with the added height they'll be taller than everyone - especially the boys. Katy even curled her hair. We couldn't remember the last time a curl entered that mane. We had a blast getting them ready. It took forever! Whatever will we do when they both go to a "real" dance and have to get all dolled up? Seriously, we may have to hire help. Can't wait for them to come home and tell us all the stories. When the two of them get excited and start telling stories it is a pure delight. So much speed talking we can't keep up. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Adorable aren't they? And still missing teeth. I guess they are still young.

Katy's "Polka - Dotty Twirly" dress. "Watch me spin, Mom and Dad."

Adri. She loved her silver/gold shoes but I didn't get them in the pic. Drat! "Am I like 6 feet tall in these shoes?"

Life is Good - but going by so quickly!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fifteen Fantastic Facts about McKenna

January 5th was McKenna's birthday. She is an awesome girl, you know! I truly am proud of her. Her birthday was a bit of a shot at reality for her. I don't think that she had realized just how busy she is at this time in her life. She just goes about doing what has to be done. But, on her big day, she had basketball practice at 5:45 a.m. School was calling her attention from 8:00 to 3:30. Then the Freshman Class Officers were in charge of the concessions stand at the basketball game beginning at 4:15. She didn't come home until about 10:00 p.m. She said, "I don't even have time to celebrate." She was right. But we did party the next night. She is marvelous!!!

So, in honor of the girl's 15th birthday I am writing THE 15 THINGS I ADORE MOST ABOUT MCKENNA.

1.  Her smile is like sunshine. It warms your heart.
2.  She has gorgeous long, naturally curly hair that I am totally jealous of.
3.  Her funny sense of humor. She can be quite a practical joker.
4.  Her brilliance. She is REALLY smart. (Must come from her father.)
5.  She is very adventurous. She was the first to want to kayak with me. She's the first to say yes to a hike. She's the first to jump off the roof. And the first to do a back dive off the cliff.
6.  She is very compassionate - especially when it comes to the elderly and animals.
7.  Champion of the one word conversation. Mom: How was school? Kenna: Boring  Mom: How was practice? Kenna: Boring  Mom: What was the best thing at school today? Kenna: Nothing (Everyday for the last 6 years has been like that.)
8.  Extremely competitive. She hates to lose.
9.  Maintains the same happy face, whether she loses or not.
10. A really good example to everyone around her.
11. She is extremely stubborn. No, that is an understatement. What is more than extremely stubborn?
12. Very creative - with a shoe box or two. She can make an entire condo or townhouse with people, furniture, and pets.
13. Very dependable. She is the constant in all her friends' lives. They know they can always count on her.
14. Persistent. She never gives up. Which is why she has become very good at basketball, volleyball and softball.
15. That girl can burp like no other!!! Total earthquake, folks. I didn't know girls could even do that.

She has been an absolute joy in our life since the moment she was born. Sure love you McKenna! Thanks for your wonderful life.

Life is Good  - When McKenna is a part of it!.