Monday, September 16, 2013

Driving for Two

Driver's Ed is a double edged sword. Yes it is nice to have the kids a little more independent so they can get themselves to practices, the store, to friends, etc. on the other end of that sword is the increase in insurance, the fees to get them in the class and the fifty hours of parental supervision driving. This time our around we are getting one hundred hours with the twins. 

So, lately, we have taken to the road each Sunday, just the twins and I. We take a two to three hour drive around the countryside. The first week we drove out to Kilgore and Camas Meadows. It was when we were home that I decided I should take pictures. We live in a beautiful area and I wanted to share it now, or later when I print the blog. 

So the next week, we drove into uncharted territories for me and definitely for the girls. We went out to Terreton, to Monteview, over to Dubois, ahead to Kilgore, and then back to St. Anthony. I had to keep calling Trent to find out where to go because I couldn't get a signal on my phone consistently. It was very long. A big storm was coming and so the sky was constantly changing. 

This last week we drove to Felt and Drummond. I may have driven that way one other time in my life. If I ever have the funds for a cabin, I am going to put it in that area. The twins didn't appreciate all the turns in the road or the construction that we came upon. But, once again, they got us home safely.

The challenge is to find other places to go. Next week, somewhere new and probably beautiful, too. And, a smidge closer to the 100 hours!

Life is good - and this is a beautiful area!