Monday, May 30, 2016

End of the Grants

In our little town, and our little school, there is only one Grant family. It is us. In 2007 Collin entered the doors or good old South Fremont High as th first and only Grant to attend and this last week, the twins, Adri and Katy walked out the doors as the last of our family to graduate. (I was once told that no other Grant family has ever gone to school here but I don't know if that is true.) South Fremont has been a good place for the kids. They have had good friends, lots of fun, opportunities to be involved and lead, and have become well educated. I'm grateful for the wonderful place it has been for our family. However, I am also sad that it is over. No longer am I obligated to attend games, concerts, graduations, plays, or other activities. That seems a little weird. There were times when I felt I lived there. 

Congratulations to all four of these great South Fremont grads. I love them all!

Life is good - and new adventures are just around the corner.

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